Specifications - Battlestar Galactica BSG-75

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Summary for the Battlestar Galactica BSG-75


Class Colonial Galactica Class Battlestar carrier/battleship
Role Battleship / Carrier
Duration 75 Years
Time Between Refits 12 Years
Time Between Resupply 6 Years
General Layout Main hull

This comprises the bulk of a battlestar and can itself be divided into three sections:

The "alligator head" contains water storage tanks and the CIC.

The midships area contains the pod retraction mechanisms and crossways linking the hangar decks for the transfer of equipment and personnel (Miniseries).

The stern section contains sublight engines, FTL drives, etc. Four of the sublight engines are in engine pods, and two more are between the pods.
Flight pods

Flight pod

The flight pods are mounted on either side of the hull and contain the battlestar's Vipers and Raptors. During normal operations, they are extended away from the main hull. During FTL jumps, the pods are retracted against the hull, concealing their open ends and making launches and landings impossible, not including Viper launching; however, this would prevent the return of those Vipers. Each pod comprises two main decks for flight operations: the upper landing bay, which extends the full length of the pod, and the lower launch bays, which provide some 40 launch tubes per pod.

Landing approaches are made from the stern. The preferred approach is a slow run into the landing bay, prior to making a vertical landing on a defined landing area. However, in emergencies, combat landings can be made, in which a craft approaches and lands at high speed on its landing skids.

The hangar deck is used for maintenance, repair, refueling, rearming, and launch operations and runs the length of the flight pod.


Length 1436.64 m (4720 ft)
Width 536.84 m (1762 ft)
Height 183.32 m (6025 ft)
Decks 400


Officers 400
Enlisted Crew 2200
Marines 1500
Emergency Capacity +3000


Maximum Speed FTL

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields -Ablative Armor:
The hull is designed to deflect incoming weapons fire away from it when it connects with the outer surface.

-Reactive Armor:
The hull is designed to 'react' to incoming hits when they connect, blowing specially designed panels of itself off to keep damage from scoring deep into the ship.

Weapon Systems 34 Primary Dual Kinetic Energy Weapons

Location: Scattered horizontally along the hull and flight pods

Fire Arc:
-4 front
-4 right/front/rear
-9 front/right/rear
-2 front/right
-2 rear/right
-9 front/left/rear
-2 front/left
-2 rear/left

Crew: 2 (can be used by autopilot)

Atmosphere Range: 50-1.5/3/6km

Ammo: 200 (reloadable magazines)
Rate of Fire: 1 or 2

550 Point-Defense Kinetic Energy Weapons
Location: Scattered about the hull

Fire Arc:
-80 front
-215 right
-215 left
-40 rear

16 Missile Launch Tubes
Location: Mounted about the hull

Fire Arc: "turret"
Crew: 1 (bridge crew)

-Conventional: 10 per tube, x3 in storage (480 total)
-Nuclear: 1 per tube, x3 in storage (48 total)
Rate of Fire: 1 (takes 1 round to reload each tube)

Armament - 24 large anti-ship railgun turrets (mounting 2 guns apiece)

These are mounted on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the main hull and the ventral surface of the bow. The two guns on each turret fire in tandem. These large guns are able to use both flak ammunition and high-explosive anti-capital ship shells. Additionally, the guns are able to engage in coordinated barrage strategies, such as salvo (and presumably, volley) fire.

- Point defense turrets

* 514 smaller point-defense turrets (mounting 2 guns apiece)

These are mounted on the flight pods and other surfaces. Each barrel fires explosive rounds in bursts.

* Multiple nuclear warheads

Deployed from 12 launch tubes mounted in the main hull

* Multiple squadrons of 20 Viper space superiority fighters per squad

Even the latest Mk. VII Vipers remain compatible with this class's launch and recovery facilities.

* Numerous Raptor multi-role vehicles

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 4
Shuttles 10
Fighters Ship carries both the Viper MKII and Viper MKVII fighter
Runabouts Raptor FTL capable vehicles
Griffon Class FTL Capable vehicles (6)