Objective Individual Combat Weapon - Taura Starfire

Created by Admiral Rhea Kydalla on Wed Oct 26th, 2011 @ 4:00pm

Taura Starfire

The Taura Starfire Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) is a prototype weapon in development for the Colonial Marine Corps. It combines an assault rifle with a long-range heavy weapon akin to a grenade launcher. The OICW consists of three general parts: an assault rifle, a 20mm burst weapon, and an electronic fire control system.

The rifle is a gas-operated weapon with a rotating bolt design and completely ambidextrous controls. It does not have a full automatic setting, but instead offers single shot and two- round burst settings. Although the normal magazine is a 30-round box, a 20-round box is also available.

The fire control system is an electro-optical day/night sight featuring a laser rangefinder. For the rifle, it functions as a standard optical sight with a night-vision feature. For the burst weapon, it functions as a targeting computer, determining range to the target and downloading that information into the 20mm round. The 20mm burst weapon is a new type of firearm altogether. It fires an explosive round, but isn't a true grenade launcher. Like a grenade launcher, it is intended primarily for use against targets behind cover. But whereas a grenade launcher arcs its round over cover, the 20mm burst weapon fires in a straight line at a point just above the target, where the munition explodes in mid-air.

To use the burst weapon, the user first sights in on the target using the fire control system. He activates the rangefinder, which determines the exact range to the target and sends that data to the chambered 20mm round. The user then fires, using the same trigger that controls the rifle. The 20mm round is not aimed precisely at the target, but rather at a point roughly three feet above it. When the round reaches the target range, it detonates, going off above the actual target. Enemy soldiers behind cover, or prone on the ground, are subjected to the full blast of the round unless they have overhead cover.

The burst weapon also features a window mode for use against enemies within buildings or bunkers. The user sights in on the building just underneath or beside the window or opening. Once the range is determined, the user shifts aim to the window and fires. The round detonates roughly three feet beyond the window range, presumably inside the room in which the enemy troops are taking cover.

Alternatively, the burst weapon can be used on impact mode. In this manner it functions more like a conventional grenade launcher: The round simply detonates when it hits the target.

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