The Sim

"Lords of Kobol, take these brave men into your arms, take the spirits of our fallen friends so that they may share in the everlasting life that awaits us all beyond the veil of tears.

So say we all."

Currently, the game is comprised of two ships:

* Battlestar Helios
* Colonial Frigate Argos

All active game play takes place aboard these two ships.

There is a NPC settlement located on the moon Tethys which is in orbit around Eros 8, a massive ringed gas giant in the Eros star system. The home star system is located inside a massive nebula, known as the Saroyan Nebula.

The settlement is not currently open for active role-play, and is used as part of the game setting and backdrop for story plots, but will not be used as an active place for game play.

From the "Tour" link to the right, you can access information and images relating to ships and places within the RPG setting.

Our game is an original combination of both the original Battlestar Galactica series and SyFy's reimaged series.

You can find information such as Sim Rules, Character Creation Guides, and information on our ships and Colony by visiting the wiki.

We also now offer a new game based on SyFy's reimaged series. If interested, check it out by following the "Galactica RPG" link.