Biography - Commander Lee Adama

Name Lee Adama
Position Executive Officer
Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Call Sign Apollo

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 160
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Handsome, fit


Spouse Anastasia Dualla (Deceased)
Children None
Father William Adama
Mother Carolanne Adama
Brother(s) Zak Adama (Deceased)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Callsign: Apollo
Strengths & Weaknesses He controls his emotions as if they were a fighter craft.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Lee Adama was born to William Adama, a veteran of the First Cylon War, and his wife, Carolanne Adama. He also had a younger brother, Zak Adama. Their father strongly encouraged both boys to enter the Colonial Fleet and become Viper pilots. Unfortunately, Zak was not a natural pilot like his brother and father, and was killed in an accident after being awarded flight status against the better judgement of his flight instructor and fiancée, then-Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. Zak's death drove a wedge between Lee Adama and his father which would only be healed over two years later, after the Destruction of the Twelve Colonies.

By the time of the Cylons' devastating attack on the Twelve Colonies, Lee Adama is a Captain in the Colonial Fleet Reserve with the call sign "Apollo". He is a special guest at the decommissioning ceremonies for Battlestar Galactica, commanded by his father. After Major Jackson "Ripper" Spencer, the Galactica's CAG (Commander of the Air Group) is killed in battle, Lee Adama becomes senior surviving pilot, then joins the Galactica crew and becomes its CAG.

Lee Adama's strained relationship with his father also causes him to become a strong supporter of Colonial President Laura Roslin, who often butts heads with William Adama. Roslin, unfamiliar with the military, appoints Lee Adama to be her personal advisor.

Early in their relationship, President Laura Roslin often referred to Lee Adama as "Captain Apollo". Lee once corrected her, stating "Apollo" was his call sign, but President Roslin replied "'Captain Apollo' has a nice ring to it." Upon joining Galactica's crew, Apollo was a bit of an outsider but after proving himself in several missions as more than just the "old man's son" he earned the respect of his fellow pilots and soon became one of the crew.

When Kara Thrace goes missing after being shot down over an un-named red moon, Lee is at the forefront of the search for the missing pilot. Lee and his father are ultimately compelled to abandon the search for Starbuck after President Roslin alerts them to how they are placing personal feelings above the good of the fleet. Fortunately, Starbuck is able to return to Galactica using a Cylon Raider she shot down. However, the incident cements the father-son bond between William Adama and his surviving son. Lee questions how long his father would search for him, were he missing, to which the elder Adama responds, "If it were you, we'd never leave."

Lee is part of the strike team sent by then-Commander Adama to Colonial One to terminate Laura Roslin's presidency after she encourages Kara Thrace to abscond with a captured Cylon Raider. On board Colonial One, Lee has a change of heart, declaring that it isn't worth it to sacrifice democracy. He puts his gun to Colonel Saul Tigh's head. Tigh calmly tells Lee, "This is mutiny, you know that." Tigh takes control of the situation after Roslin surrenders and is able to take both Roslin and Lee into custody.

Lee is present in the Galactica's CIC shortly thereafter, when the Cylon infiltrator known as Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharon "Boomer" Valerii shoots Commander Adama twice in the chest; despite his disagreement with his father over deposing Roslin, he tries to comfort his father after being shot. On Tigh's orders, Lee is physically dragged from his father's side and thrown in the brig. Needing Lee's services as CAG, Tigh later releases Lee on parole. Lee will perform his duties as before, but "make no attempt to free [Roslin] or sow insurrection among the crew", and will return to the brig when not on duty.

Nonetheless, Lee breaks his parole after Tigh's leadership takes a disastrous turn and results in civilian deaths. He helps Roslin to lead a breakaway fleet to Kobol. After Commander Adama and President Roslin make a personal effort to heal the divisions in the fleet, Lee returns to duty on Galactica. Lee is one of the five people who see firsthand the map to Earth in the Tomb of Athena on Kobol.

After the Battlestar Pegasus joins the fleet, Lee is temporarily transferred to the Pegasus, given duties flying Raptors rather than Vipers, and even demoted to Lieutenant. All of these misfortunes are reversed after the successful attack on the Cylon Resurrection ship, the death of Rear Admiral Helena Cain, and his father's promotion to flag rank. However, Lee battles with depression at this time, confessing to Kara Thrace "he didn't want to make it back alive."

While on leave on the Cloud 9 luxury liner, Lee is accidentally shot by Kara Thrace during a hostage rescue. He takes almost a month to recover from this wound, during which time he is promoted to Major and consummates his long-simmering relationship with Petty Officer Second Class Anastasia Dualla. He is assigned to Pegasus to assist the new commanding officer, Commander Barry Garner. After he successfully commands the ship during a Cylon surprise attack in which Garner is killed, Lee is quickly promoted from Major to Commander, and given command of Pegasus.

Shortly before the Roslin-vs.-Baltar presidential election, the fleet discovers a somewhat habitable planet inside of a nebula, presumably safe from Cylon discovery, which is named New Caprica. After Gaius Baltar wins the presidential election, he orders the establishment of permanent settlements on the planet. The Galactica and Pegasus begin a monotonous orbital defence patrol.

Months later, Lee and Kara Thrace both get drunk at a party celebrating the ceremonial first shovelful of earth being dug on New Caprica. They have sex, declare their love for one another, and fall asleep together; however, Kara wakes first and leaves. When Lee wakes and returns to the settlement he finds Kara has married Samuel Anders. This betrayal causes a lot of bad feeling between Adama and Thrace. He takes to overeating and puts on a lot of weight; he also marries his new first officer, Anastasia Dualla, now a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Eight months later the Cylons find New Caprica, and take control over the colonists. With only a skeleton crew manning his ship, Lee is forced to flee with the rest of the fleet hoping to return again to fight off the Cylons and save the civilian population.

Four months later still, as the Galactica and Pegasus lay plans to rescue the civilians trapped on New Caprica, the psychological impact of the past year is also obvious: Lee has become more sentimental and "soft", to the point where it interferes with his ability to command the Pegasus. When contact with the resistance movement on New Caprica is established, Lee is ordered by his father to take the Pegasus and continue the search for Earth while the Galactica attempts to liberate the planet. When Galactica is near destruction, Lee and Pegasus come to the rescue, giving his father's ship time to jump out. Under heavy fire from four Cylon Basestars, the Pegasus is heavily damaged, having left its Vipers to defend the rest of the fleet. Lee orders the crew to abandon ship, saying "Thank You" to his ship just as he departs. The Pegasus rams a Cylon basestar, instantly destroying both vessels, and a large piece of wreckage damages or destroys a second basestar.

Lee's first role after the rescue of the civilian population appears to be connected to conducting some kind of head-count or census of the rescued civilians. It is in this capacity he notices certain confirmed survivors have gone missing, having been executed by The Circle for collaborating with the Cylons. He then returns to the role of Galactica's CAG, with the rank of Major. After much hard physical training, he loses the excess weight he gained over the previous year and asks Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon to remind him to never let himself go like that again.

Lee advocates using captured Cylons infected with a strain of lymphocytic encephalitis as biological weapons to exterminate the Cylon race. His plan is approved by President Roslin, but is thwarted by Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon, the Galactica's executive officer at the time.

The renewed strength of his bond with his father is shown when his father chooses to confess to Lee about his fears he may have inadvertently provoked the Cylon onslaught on the Colonies.

Eventually Galactica and her small fleet come across the Helios Fleet who had settled on a workd they Called Yavin.

Lee was promoted to Colonel and transfered to the new Battlestar Phoenix to serve as it's CAG and leason officer between the now combined 2 fleets.

Lee eventually is promoted to the rank of Commander and is made the Phoenix's XO.
Service Record Colonial Military Academy.

Viper Strike and Warfare Center for advanced combat training (TDA).

Promoted to Captain and assigned to viper duty at fleet command HQ on Picon.

Assigned to the to the Galactica just before the fall to assist in the decomissioning of the old Battlestar.

Promoted to Major

Promoted to Commander and and given command of the Battlestar Pegasus.

Reduced to the rank of Major and resumes duties as Galactica's CAG.

Assigned to Battlestar Phoenix as CAG

Promoted to Colonel.

Promoted to Commander and XO of the Battlestar Phoenix